Sylvester Eijffinger

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Commentary / World Nov 24, 2012

Age of financial repression

Following his re-election, U.S. President Barack Obama almost immediately turned his attention to reining in America's rising national debt. In fact, almost all Western countries are implementing policies aimed at reducing — or at least arresting the growth of — the volume of public ...

Commentary / World Mar 8, 2011

Take away West's monetary punch bowl

TILBURG, Netherlands — There are times to think outside the box, and there are times to return to normality. The West's major central banks — the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, and the U.S. Federal Reserve — should take this to heart. As ...

Commentary / World Dec 11, 2009

Central bankers must finesse money supply

TILBURG, Netherlands — The current economic crisis highlights the need for major changes at central banks. It is time for a return to some form of moderate monetarism — but in a 21st-century mold. The current crisis has made central bankers' jobs far more complicated. ...