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Cheap Trick 'Rockford'

/ Oct 27, 2006

Cheap Trick "Rockford"

Cheap Trick might be approaching geezerville after three decades in the game, but judging from shows this month in Japan, they still bring the cards to the table. Their latest release, "Rockford," salutes the band's Illinois hometown with snotty, driven style. From the cracking opening ...

The Steve Kimock Band: 'Eudemonic'

/ Aug 21, 2005

The Steve Kimock Band: "Eudemonic"

After years of subsisting on commercial releases of live shows, The Steve Kimock Band has finally recorded a studio album. "Eudemonic," produced by the eclectic guitarist himself and his 13-Grammy-winning drummer Rodney Holmes, loses none of the band's live power and suppleness. The tracks ...

Altogether now for the business of peace

Oct 10, 2004

Altogether now for the business of peace

LAYTONVILLE, Calif. -- Running a nonprofit organization with a global mission of promoting peace activities and sustainability might seem noble but naive to the skeptical, but Chris Deckker takes his role seriously as the founder of Earthdance. Over the past eight years, Australian-born Deckker has ...

Steve Kimock: more than a feeling

May 9, 2004

Steve Kimock: more than a feeling

A friend of mine calls improvisational guitarist Steve Kimock "The Master," constantly marveling at his shimmering harmonics, dynamic swings and musical "feel." What does Kimock have to say to this straightforward sort of hero worship? (Think Wayne's World's "We're not worthy!") Speaking from his ...

Jan 23, 2003

Move over MP3; purists demand 'lossless'

There's a whole industry built around the MP3 data-compression format, but did you know that by using MP3s to burn music CDs, you lose part of the original recording as the data compressor does its work? Such "lossy" compression schemes result in conveniently small data ...

Living Dead returns with 'group gestalt'

Aug 18, 2002

Living Dead returns with 'group gestalt'

Bob Weir says he can use some serious beach time. The former Grateful Dead guitarist and vocalist is taking a breather a short while after bounding off stage following a well-received set by his band RatDog at last weekend's Mount Fuji Jazz Festival. Weir and ...

STS9: 'Seasons 01'

| May 22, 2002

STS9: 'Seasons 01'

Sound Tribe Sector 9 have been lumped in the category of neo-hippie "jam bands" since their inception in Atlanta in 1996, but they're better left in the category of un-definability. Also known as STS9, the band's genre-busting soundscapes touch on jam-centric grooves, yet remain endearing ...

| Sep 19, 2001

Kodo: 'Mondo Head'

For some, that Kodo is based on Sado Island might encourage the stereotype of the Japanese master taiko drum troupe living and working in splendid isolation fully dedicated to its traditional Japanese art. But what Japanophile types may not realize is that Kodo, perhaps ...

| Jun 20, 2001

Big Frog

Big Frog couples a love of the Grateful Dead's loose, fun vibe with their own inspiration in their improvisational workouts. And given their tantalizingly short 45-minute sets when they opened for U.S. "jam band" moe in May, it'll be a treat to see the ...

| Jun 8, 2001

Trips, tripwires of expat parenthood

Life with Corey started long before we even knew what his name was to be. On a summer day in 1999, we were shown the first confirmatory ultrasound after pregnancy was suspected -- he was the size of a pea, if that. From there, ...