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Firms find ways to tap power of interactive TV

National Apr 25, 2014

Firms find ways to tap power of interactive TV

The use of television for purposes other than broadcasting, such as checking on the well-being of seniors living alone, is increasing in Japan. A consortium of TV Asahi Corp., Hitachi Ltd. and other entities, including the government-backed Urban Renaissance Agency, is undertaking an experiment in ...

National Sep 4, 2013

Director sheds light on Bikini Atoll

TV director Hideaki Ito could not stay silent when he learned that the Fukuryu Maru No. 5 was not the only victim of the 1954 hydrogen bomb test conducted by the United States in the Pacific, and that more Japanese fishing boats were exposed ...

National Aug 15, 2013

Immigration reform creates problems for foreign residents

Japan's immigration control reform has proved to be fraught with pitfalls that could cause unwitting foreign residents to be expelled or face other serious problems. The immigration control law was revised in July 2012, primarily to bolster the crackdown on cross-border terrorism-related activities. However, during ...

High-tech TVs putting ads on defensive

National Dec 27, 2005

High-tech TVs putting ads on defensive

Nippon Television Network Corp. has been skillfully inserting commercials into the late-night drama "Wonder Tours" that began broadcasting in September. When a woman who plays a radio celebrity in the drama moves a switch, a red "CM" appears on the right side of the screen, ...