Satoko Kogure

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Issues | THE ZEIT GIST May 3, 2005

Turning back clock on gender equality

As the government emphasizes patriotism as part of the national school curriculum and discussion continues apace over revising Article 9, some LDP lawmakers are now calling for changes to the Constitution that may put equal rights and individual freedom at risk. The ongoing discussion on ...

Justice reaches dead-end

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Nov 2, 2004

Justice reaches dead-end

In accusing 1,039 Japanese of war crimes at the Yokohama War Crimes Tribunals, 123 of whom were sentenced to death, U.S. officials apparently sought not to seek justice in a legal sense, but to establish the principle of ultimate accountability and set a benchmark ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Jul 20, 2004

Bill of rights

As the government moves to beef up the country's military preparedness, once again the issue of the protection of foreigners' rights has been raised. In passing military contingency legislation last month, the government has sought to prepare the civilian population for and guard their rights ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Jun 15, 2004

Casualty of war

Satoko Kogure 'I do understand why that girl could do such a brutal thing, because I myself treated people cruelly during World War II, without any hesitation," says 82-year-old Masaichi Nishiguchi, a former military policeman (MP) in the Japanese Army. When Nishiguchi first saw ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST May 4, 2004

Past and Present

'Ican forgive, but I won't forget," says Jack Simmonds, an 82-year-old Australian, who was detained as a prisoner of war in Japan during World War II. Along with fellow Australian ex-POWs Neil MacPherson, 82, and Jack Boon, 87, Simmonds was visiting Japan for the ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Apr 13, 2004

No room for 'outsiders'

In "The Japanese," Japanologist and former U.S. ambassador to Japan Edwin O. Reischauer wrote that "no people have committed themselves more enthusiastically to internationalism than the Japanese or have so specifically repudiated nationalism." "One need only scratch the surface, however, to discover the superficialities of ...

Community Apr 13, 2004

Rappers relish the opportunity to express individuality

Japanese-born, but with roots in Korea, MCs Jewong, 20, and Liyoon, 22, of rap duo KP, have caused a stir in the booming Japanese hip-hop industry with music and a message drawn from their experiences as members of the Korean community in Japan. Q: What ...