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National Jul 16, 2013

Hague pact 'too late' for divorcee

For one Japanese mother long separated from her children after the failure of an international marriage, the Diet's expected ratification of an international treaty to help settle cross-border child custody disputes arouses mixed feelings. "Personally, it's too late for me, but I feel we've come ...

Toy company draws a line in the sand

National Jul 10, 2013

Toy company draws a line in the sand

When Tokyo-based toy company Bornelund Inc. surveyed about 500 mothers in May, it found that while most Japanese parents want to let their young children play in sandboxes outdoors, many tend to avoid doing so due to concerns about cleanliness and radioactive contamination. This summer, ...

Volunteer clown brings smiles to Tohoku kids

National May 23, 2013

Volunteer clown brings smiles to Tohoku kids

"Bye! See you tomorrow!" Looking out of the window of his barbershop, Hiroyuki Tomono watched as his son got out of the kindergarten school bus while waving to a gray-haired man inside. "Who was that?" the 41-year-old father asked. "That's Ichiro," his son, Haruki, replied. Tomono had ...

National Aug 18, 2010

Couples put green touch on weddings

Weddings and the parties that follow usually leave a mountain of waste in their wake. Now an increasing number of couples are seeking ways to make their nuptials more environmentally friendly. Some are trying to reduce leftover food and giving "hikidemono" presents featuring organic materials. ...

National May 27, 2010

Pet lovers grieve over poor funerals

Despite surging demand, pet owners are finding it difficult to hold funerals for their dogs and cats. There are no specific regulations governing this kind of service, and several animal funeral operators have come under fire for charging grieving pet owners extremely high fees and ...

Pet minipigs grow in popularity, girth

National Jul 25, 2006

Pet minipigs grow in popularity, girth

Featured on TV programs and commercials, miniature pigs are becoming popular pets, but despite increasing numbers of Web sites dedicated to rearing them, owners can be in for a few surprises, not least their tendency to get too big to handle. Yumiko Murata, 32, of ...