Robert Shiller

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Commentary / World Nov 28, 2011

Neuroeconomics revolution won't be televised

Economics is at the start of a revolution that is traceable to an unexpected source: medical schools and their research facilities. Neuroscience — the science of how the brain, that physical organ inside one's head, really works — is beginning to change the way ...

Commentary / World Jun 2, 2011

Japan's costly lesson in risk management

The basic principle of financial risk management is sharing. The more broadly diversified our financial portfolios, the more people there are who share in the inevitable risks — and the less an individual is affected by any given risk. The theoretical ideal occurs when ...

Commentary / World Mar 17, 2010

A crisis of understanding

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Few economists predicted the current economic crisis, and there is little agreement among them about its ultimate causes. So, not surprisingly, economists are not in a good position to forecast how quickly it will end, either. Of course, we all know ...