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/ Aug 19, 2011

Cruising on a summer's eve in Kagoshima

Fireworks every night and a four-story boat filled with food and merriment overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Sakurajima Summer Night Cruise should be a fixture on your August calendar. The first floor of the cruise ship hosts food stalls, including some that feature Kagoshima Prefecture ...

/ Aug 5, 2011

Dance event to promote good health

This month, those who drop by the Caretta Shiodome shopping complex will be treated to a world of dance as the venue hosts the Shiohaku 2011 Caretta Odori-21. Dancing is a must at summer festivals. But why do people enjoy dancing in the summer heat? ...

/ Jul 8, 2011

Jazzy, African sounds feature at Kagawa gig

Among the numerous music festivals taking place in Japan this summer is the COS Music Festa in Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture. A one-day affair, the main attractions will be performances by big-band jazz ensembles SKG Jazz Orchestra and the Arest Hawaiian Band. Along with those acts ...

Osaka takes early lead in summer fun

/ Jul 1, 2011

Osaka takes early lead in summer fun

Mythical lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi are eternally separated by the Milky Way. But once a year, they reunite and Japan celebrates this meeting via an event called Tanabata. Shitennoji Temple in Osaka's Tennoji Ward leads the way in Tanabata celebrations, which will be held throughout ...