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Commentary / World Sep 7, 2005

Koizumi's bare-knuckle power play may soon haunt him

Sunday's election for the Lower House stands out as abnormal, but not because of its abruptness. Many surprise elections have been held before. On March 14, 1953, for instance, then Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida, who was president of the Liberal Party, dissolved the Lower ...

Commentary / World Nov 14, 2000

Reasons for hope in Kosovo

Global efforts are under way to raise democratic principles to new levels. But a critical question remains: How effective are democratic principles, such as free and fair election and government by consent, in resolving ethnic and religious oppression and conflict, social discrimination (including contempt ...

Commentary / World Jun 28, 2000

Coalition holds on to power

The Liberal Democratic Party had dubbed Sunday's election a "battle in mourning," in hopes that the untimely death of former Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi would get out the "sympathy vote." As it turned out, the LDP and its coalition partners suffered a major set- ...