Raphael Hadas-Lebel

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Commentary / World May 23, 2011

France stages judicial revolution as citizens challenge legislation

A new and important acronym has entered the French political lexicon: QPC, which stands for the rather austere-sounding "Priority preliminary ruling on the question of constitutionality." Under QPC, which was part of the constitutional reforms that France implemented in July 2008, any citizen involved in ...

Commentary / World Oct 3, 2007

Heading for a French Sixth Republic?

PARIS — Nearly 50 years after the creation of the Fifth Republic by Gen. Charles de Gaulle, French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to change France's fundamental institutions. An expert council will send him its proposals by Nov. 1. Whereas British democracy is deeply rooted despite ...

Commentary / World Apr 20, 2007

France's identity politics

PRAGUE -- One big surprise of the current presidential campaign in France is how "national identity" has surged to the forefront of the political debate. During the 1995 presidential campaign, the main issues were unemployment and social divisions. In 2002, the priority was security. ...

Commentary / World Mar 7, 2007

Bans on ethnic and racial information well-founded

PARIS -- Race has always been a provocative subject when the needs of science and statistics intersect with politics. Now that debate is once again heating up in France, as the planned introduction of "ethnic statistics" has caused a fierce dispute that touches the ...

Commentary / World Sep 4, 2006

Morality of boss's pay can't be legislated

PARIS -- Ever since 2001, when France enacted a law requiring listed companies to reveal their executives' pay packages, newspapers have had a field day denouncing greedy bosses. Not only are fixed salaries revealed, but so are bonuses, fees for serving on boards of ...