Pascal Boniface

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Commentary / World Jun 8, 2008

Sarkozy's split with the legacy of de Gaulle

PARIS — A year ago, when Nicolas Sarkozy was campaigning for the French presidency, he promised a "rupture" with the past. So far, few French people can see the sort of rupture that Sarkozy promised. But they are wrong to think that nothing has changed ...

Commentary / World Mar 24, 2008

Defense costs bombing the U.S. budget

PARIS — As the United States and the world mark the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, debates are raging about the consequences — for Iraq, the Middle East and America's standing in the world. But the Iraq war's domestic impact — the ...

Commentary / World Oct 8, 2006

Royal challenge to the French rightwing

PARIS -- Segolene Royal has surged to the front of the pack of Socialists who aim to succeed Jacques Chirac as president of France. Nobody would have bet a single euro on such a prospect a few months ago. Until recently, Royal -- who now ...

Commentary / World Jul 16, 2006

Tragic exit no match for Zidane's legacy

PARIS -- "Those who the gods may destroy are granted their wishes.'' Zinedine Zidane may be pondering that bit of ancient Greek wisdom today. Having announced that he would end his professional career with the World Cup, Zidane had his wish fulfilled. After France barely survived ...