Noriko Miyoshi

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Driftwood violins keep prequake memories alive

Music Nov 29, 2012

Driftwood violins keep prequake memories alive

When an internationally-acclaimed Polish violinist performed at a Japanese music festival in early November, the instrument played was not a Stradivarius or other prized violin. It was assembled from driftwood. After his performance at the Ikoma International Music Festival in Nara Prefecture, violinist Nicolas Chumachenco ...

'Kogei' get Western art world's attention

National Nov 5, 2010

'Kogei' get Western art world's attention

When a dozen Americans visited Beppu, Oita Prefecture, in early October they weren't heading for the city's renowned hot springs. They were on an art collectors tour sponsored by a U.S. gallery to check out an exhibition of works by the prefecture's bamboo craft artists. A ...

National May 16, 2006

Old books find new life with young

Defying conventional wisdom, more young Japanese are getting interested in secondhand books -- not only to read but also taking pleasure in selling them at flea markets -- thanks in part to an enterprising young woman who started selling used books on the Internet. For ...

National Dec 30, 2005

The art of bonsai catching on with young crowd

the containers to put them in," an Isetan official said. For some people, though, buying a modern bonsai is not enough. Four groups of women in their 20s and 30s took part in a bonsai-tending class at the Shinashina gardening shop in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward earlier ...