Natsumi Mizumoto

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National Mar 28, 2014

Kumamoto hosting conference to push fair trade movement

An international conference of "fair-trade towns" opened with preliminary events Friday in the city of Kumamoto — the first time the gathering has been held outside Europe — as campaigners look to nurture the ethical consumption movement in Asia. "This is an opportunity for us ...

National Apr 22, 2010

Pair of films shed new light on hibakusha

While disarmament experts and antinuclear campaigners may have heard about atomic-bomb survivors, a pair of documentaries about hibakusha that aim to connect with the younger generation were recently completed by two young directors from Costa Rica and Japan. Erika Bagnarello's "Flashes of Hope" and Takashi ...

Preschool training takes off

National Dec 26, 2009

Preschool training takes off

KAGOSHIMA — Chubby Haruku Takarabe was the last of his 14 classmates to master walking on his hands across the gym. But now he can stand on his head, turn cartwheels on one hand and vault over the 110-cm-high box just like the rest ...

Dam cancellation leaves local residents high and dry

National Sep 30, 2009

Dam cancellation leaves local residents high and dry

NAGANOHARA, Gunma Pref. — Leading a new life without a dam is an idea that people in this small mountain town in Gunma Prefecture had never thought of before, and many appear unable to think of it even after land minister Seiji Maehara suggested ...

National Sep 22, 2009

Will DPJ policy push women into work?

Even before she begins her career, Shiho Umeki, 22, has always planned to reduce her work after getting married, just like her mother before her. That was until the Democratic Party of Japan won the Aug. 30 election. The change in the political landscape has ...

If you want change, vote, young are told

National | ELECTION 2009 Aug 19, 2009

If you want change, vote, young are told

In the heated election four years ago, young voters who normally skip the polls jumped on then Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's reform bandwagon and helped his Liberal Democratic Party race to an overwhelming victory. Now that a change of administration is on the table, they ...

DPJ will say anything to win: defector Asao

National | ELECTION 2009 Aug 5, 2009

DPJ will say anything to win: defector Asao

KAMAKURA, Kanagawa Pref. (Kyodo) While it is not unknown for a politician to ditch a party when it is on the verge of losing power, Keiichiro Asao's July 24 announcement to quit the up-and-coming Democratic Party of Japan and run for the Lower House ...