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National Dec 2, 2010

Director set his sights on Murakami's style

Tran Anh Hung tried his best to capture the essence of novelist Haruki Murakami's 1987 global best-seller in the movie version of "Norwegian Wood," including the timeless nature of first love, the French director said last week in Tokyo. "It's a story of first love ...

Will pork feet step in where sushi left off in N.Y.?

National Aug 22, 2007

Will pork feet step in where sushi left off in N.Y.?

New Yorkers are becoming increasingly accustomed to a wide range of authentic Japanese food, as "soba," "udon," yakitori and ramen restaurants keep making inroads. Even a store specializing in "hijiki" seaweed crepes is appealing to hungry Manhattanites seeking to push the gastronomic envelope. So what will ...

Japanese companies catch on to value of licensing

Business Jul 19, 2007

Japanese companies catch on to value of licensing

A growing number of Japanese businesses are eager to license their products, not just for royalties but because they see licensing as an effective marketing strategy, according to a licensing association official. "Through licensing products, companies can raise awareness of their brands," said Fumihiko Kusama, ...

National Jul 7, 2007

China pollution ills tied to lack of political reform

China needs political reform if it is to effectively curb its greenhouse gas emissions and maintain economic growth, an influential Japanese economist said. Economic policy analyst Naoki Tanaka stressed that political reform in China would shape future relations with Japan and is vital to overcoming ...

National Jun 16, 2007

Sudoku 'godfather' wants to puzzle more

The self-proclaimed godfather of sudoku wants to cultivate a specialized logic-game market of puzzle fans worldwide who appreciate handcrafted games. "I want to seek out puzzle fans around the world and bring Nikoli puzzles to them," said Maki Kaji, president of Tokyo-based Nikoli Co. Nikoli introduced ...