Mohamed Elbaradei

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Reader Mail Apr 26, 2012

Wide range of views on afterlife

Regarding Dipak Basu's April 19 letter, "Buddhist explanation for flaws": The idea that telling parents that their child is not looking down on them from heaven is "cruel" is Basu's opinion, and he is entitled to it. However, others would argue that sometimes one ...

Reader Mail Oct 2, 2011

Effects of disenfranchisement

In his Sept. 22 letter, "A prevalent form of propaganda," Greg Leviton addresses a number of points that are often brought up concerning issues in the Middle East. Although I appreciate his ardor in support of Israel, many of these topics are more nuanced ...

Editorials Apr 19, 2011

A blow to the rule of law

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has abandoned plans to try several terrorists, including the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, in civilian courts. Instead, it will use military tribunals to administer justice. It is a sad decision. The United States ...

Editorials Jun 9, 2010

New prime minister's lineup

New Prime Minister Naoto Kan has announced the lineup of the Democratic Party of Japan's party leadership and the Cabinet. The lineup clearly shows his thinking: Give a fresh image to the party and Cabinet and win back people's trust by diluting the influence ...

Editorials Mar 31, 2010

Tough times for pro sports

While sporting events like the Olympic Games attract a tremendous amount of attention globally, domestic sporting contests are of at least equal importance to society. Unfortunately, Nippon Professional Baseball and J. League are both in the midst of financial woe. It would be a ...