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Business Aug 28, 2003

Japan, China spar over oil development in Siberia

Japan and China, both big guzzlers of oil imports, have been sparring behind the scenes over oil development projects in eastern Siberia. China is trying to secure oil not only from the Middle East and Africa but also from eastern Siberia -- where Japan has ...

National Aug 9, 2000

Bank officials tried to put an end to World War II

A Swedish international financial official, who later became the third managing director of the International Monetary Fund, engaged in secret maneuvers to help end World War II from neutral Switzerland at the request of his Japanese colleagues, declassified documents from Princeton University show. In July ...

National / History May 4, 2000

MacArthur pondered Showa conversion

Gen. Douglas MacArthur, supreme commander during the Allied Occupation of Japan, once considered attempting to convert Emperor Showa to Christianity, a diary of the U.S. secretary of the Navy shows. In his diary, James Forrestal wrote that during his meeting with MacArthur in Tokyo on ...