Michael Sutton

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Commentary / World Mar 15, 2015

Mongolia's 'third neighbor'

The Economic Partnership Agreement signed by Japan and Mongolia last month is of strategic importance with regard to Mongolia's mineral deposits, especially coal, as Japan contemplates an energy mix that is less dependent on nuclear power.

Commentary / World Oct 18, 2013

Lack of U.S. vision hurts TPP

If President Barack Obama is really shopping for a legacy, then he should widen his gaze and look to the global stage. There is no need to rush the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks.

Commentary / World Dec 26, 2011

The greater evil is to expect an Asia-Pacific war

Now that the war in Afghanistan appears to be reaching an end, President Barack Obama has indicated that the United States will shift focus toward the Asia-Pacific. Some have greeted this declaration with alarm, assuming that strategic redeployments and debates in the region concerning U.S. ...

Commentary / World Nov 7, 2011

Reconstruction and healing must precede entry into TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is strategically significant for U.S. re-engagement with East Asia and is a concrete response to the perception of U.S. decline in the region in light of Chinese economic power and regional ambition. For TPP members and potential members, the multilateral agreement ...