Michael Meyer

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Commentary / World Dec 26, 2009

The day that Romania's 'bears' fought back

NEW YORK — The late Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu liked to hunt bear. With his retinue, he would retreat to a lodge in Transylvania and sally forth, locked and loaded. He was accustomed to good fortune, for his huntsmen took precautions. They would chain ...

Commentary / World Nov 22, 2009

'Happiest' revolution of 1989 was in Prague

NEW YORK — It was early June 1989. Vaclav Havel had been released from jail only days before, yet he was full of what now seems an almost prophetic certainty. Thousands of his countrymen had written letters petitioning for his release, at a time ...

Commentary / World Jun 4, 2009

Tearing down the Iron Curtain

PRAGUE — A quiz for history buffs. Twenty years ago — on June 4, 1989 — three events shaped a fateful year. Which do you remember most vividly, and which most changed the world?: (a) the bloody denouement of the protests on Tiananmen Square; ...