Masaharu Nanami

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First Japanese eatery on Easter Island thrives

National Dec 2, 2009

First Japanese eatery on Easter Island thrives

EASTER ISLAND, Chile — Francisco Xavier, who studied cooking in Japan for 10 years, has been running a Japanese-style restaurant on Easter Island in the South Pacific, best known for its "moai" statues, since February 2007, providing sushi to local residents and tourists alike. Xavier, ...

National Nov 8, 2008

Grower's Ecuadorean bananas gain foothold in Japanese market

LA CONCORDIA, Ecuador — Masahiro Tanabe, 57, the sole Japanese running a banana plantation in Ecuador, is building a firm foothold in the Japanese market with his philosophy of producing safe and tasty fruit. He operates the 250-hectare plantation on the suburbs of La Concordia, ...

Building of first Japan legation to Brazil found

National Apr 3, 2008

Building of first Japan legation to Brazil found

A Japanese resident of Brazil has discovered the building that housed Japan's first legation there, three years after he began searching for it in connection with the centennial of Japanese emigration to the South American country. Kiyoshi Ami, 67, who hails from Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, ...

National Oct 10, 2001

Yamanashi firm develops land-mine destroyer

A firm in Yamanashi Prefecture has developed Japan's first land-mine disposal machine, which promises to destroy mines about 20 times faster than can be done manually. Kiyoshi Amemiya The device was developed at the initiative of Kiyoshi Amemiya, 54, president of Yamanashi-based Yamanashi Hitachi Kenki Co. ...