Leanne Tsuruda

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National Apr 9, 2010

'Enka' singer Jero charms Los Angeles audience

LOS ANGELES — Jero, the popular American "enka" singer who in 2008 injected new energy into the tradition-bound genre, made his Southern California concert debut at the Aratani/Japan America Theater in Los Angeles last week. In front of a diverse, sold-out crowd consisting of old ...

National Oct 27, 2009

Kabuki laid bare for U.S. audience

LOS ANGELES — Kabuki, the highly stylized dance drama, has long enjoyed a place of cultural recognition and artistic reverence in Japan. With its emotional story lines, exquisite costumes and makeup, beautiful scenery and intricate movements, kabuki is listed as one of UNESCO's Masterpieces of ...

Tanaka character creating Web buzz

National May 28, 2009

Tanaka character creating Web buzz

LOS ANGELES — Just exactly who is this Ken Tanaka character generating buzz on YouTube? He seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to one David Ury, a Los Angeles-based improvisational actor who in the 1990s worked and studied in Tokyo but now takes small acting ...

L.A. Japan culinary school to roll out sushi pros

National Sep 9, 2008

L.A. Japan culinary school to roll out sushi pros

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles welcomed a new addition to its Japanese culinary repertoire with the opening of the Sushi Institute of America, a professional school that offers intensive, comprehensive courses in Japanese food preparation with some of the best chefs in the field. Cofounded ...

Firm introduces maid cafes to U.S.

National Aug 14, 2008

Firm introduces maid cafes to U.S.

Once considered something of a fringe movement reserved for geeky comic book fanatics, "anime" culture has definitely found a place in the United States over the years. Ask any one of the thousands of fans who recently attended the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, and ...

National May 10, 2008

Expat food bloggers in Japan find audience abroad

It's a well-known fact that Japan has a proud, long-standing food heritage. Painting a picture of the Japanese food culture for an audience overseas are a handful of expatriates who divulge their appreciation for Japanese dishes through Web logs, or blogs. It's an Internet community ...

LAPD detective in Miura probe a cold case expert

National Apr 16, 2008

LAPD detective in Miura probe a cold case expert

Richard Jackson, the lead detective in the Kazuyoshi Miura case of the Los Angeles Police Department, is an experienced officer in the cold case section. "I wanted to give answers to families that wondered what happened to their loved ones . . . to create ...

Tending trees nurtures U.S. ties

National Jan 29, 2008

Tending trees nurtures U.S. ties

For Seiji Horio, caring for hundreds of "ume" plum trees and "sakura" cherry trees is not so much a job as a mission. Every Friday, the 70-year-old drives about 100 km from his house in Santa Clarita, Calif., to Schabarum Regional Park in Rowland Heights ...

National Dec 7, 2007

L.A.'s Japan Expo targets new, wider audience

Thousands of participants gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center last weekend to sample sake, purchase exotic knickknacks, watch traditional performances and partake in all things Japanese. The Japan Expo, now in its 28th year, aims to strengthen U.S.-Japan ties by assembling Japanese artists, products, ...