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Boatmen boast of Biwa's bounty

National Nov 12, 2002

Boatmen boast of Biwa's bounty

OMIHACHIMAN, Shiga Pref. -- Among the many tours available for enjoying the beauty of Lake Biwa is a ride aboard a small wooden boat rowed by a skilled sculler who also serves as a guide. The two-hour tour, which starts and ends at Honenbashi Bridge ...

Self-serve food, drink outlet lets finicky buy by measure

Events Apr 2, 2002

Self-serve food, drink outlet lets finicky buy by measure

OSAKA -- The Japanese diet has evolved in recent years to the point that almost any food from any country is available. But one shortcoming of this burst in variety has been waste, as curious consumers find themselves stuck with half-empty bottles of seasonings ...

Artificial jellyfish find niche market with aquarium hobbyists

Events Feb 5, 2002

Artificial jellyfish find niche market with aquarium hobbyists

NARA -- Jellyfish swimming up and down inside a water tank may be a comforting sight to see, but keeping them alive is another matter entirely. Help, however, is on the way, said Hideaki Okuda, a maker of artificial jellyfish. Okuda, a 37-year-old engineer who ...

Events Jan 22, 2002

Exhibit of dwarf 'ume' gives preview of spring

NAGAHAMA, Shiga Pref. -- An annual exhibit of dwarf "ume" (plum) trees at Keiunkan Hall here is giving visitors a glimpse of early spring. Of 300 bonsai trees prepared for the event, about 100 will be shown till March 10. Visitors view dwarf "ume" (plum) ...

Events Jan 8, 2002

Contractors seek green image, recycling

OSAKA -- Amid rising environmental awareness across the business spectrum, the construction sector is often hit for lagging in this regard. Takenaka Corp., an Osaka-based major contractor, is trying to dispel this reputation by recycling construction materials and reducing waste. The firm aims to achieve ...

Events Oct 16, 2001

Ecotourism campaign spotlights Shiga area

MAIHARA, Shiga Pref -- In an effort to draw more visitors to this area, the Shiga Prefectural Government is running a one-month ecotourism campaign. A visitor to the "eco-festa" exhibition near JR Maibara Station plays "kapla," using small wood tips to create a minature castle. As ...

Events Sep 18, 2001

Shikoku has 1,400-km path to spirituality

OSAKA -- People often go to great lengths for spiritual enlightenment, and a 1,400-km pilgrimage to 88 key temples on the island of Shikoku is certainly no exception. To find out what has drawn people to the area for over 1,000 years, Aru Nomoto, a ...

Events Sep 4, 2001

City of Moriguchi turns back to historic roots

MORIGUCHI, Osaka Pref. -- Other than the odd rice paddy, the city of Moriguchi now has little evidence of its pre-1960s days as a farming area. The Moriguchi Rekishikan, which dates back to the 18th century, opened earlier this summer to showcase the city's past. However, ...

Yoshimoto's talent for comedy

Community May 20, 2001

Yoshimoto's talent for comedy

There was a time when parents in Osaka used to scold their kids by threatening, "I will send you to Yoshimoto!" if they were fooling around. Today, though, Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. has become Japan's largest entertainment agency, and most parents would be happy if ...