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Wounded veterans now target child predators

/ Jan 6, 2014

Wounded veterans now target child predators

Oskar Zepeda has had pretty much one mission in his life: kill or capture. After serving nine tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, he now has a new target: child predators. Zepeda, 29, is part of a 17-member class of veterans trained in computer forensics ...

/ May 16, 2011

Drawing lessons from Japan's nuclear disaster

In 1945 the catastrophe was inflicted by the enemy. In what remains to date the most horrendous attack on human beings, more than 300,000 people were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and many more went on to suffer because of radioactivity-related ailments. But today ...

/ Jan 27, 2011

Facing the specter of famine

SINGAPORE — In India, a potentially huge economic and social crisis is in the making, involving extensive rewriting of recipe books to exclude a favorite ingredient. Onions are in short supply and their prices have risen by 80 percent, too expensive for many Indians ...

Dec 27, 2009

Education Ministry lacks a plan

I would like to respond to Brett Gross' Dec. 13 letter, "A dangerous notion if widespread," and to Alexander Ross' Dec. 13 letter, "Narrower vs. broader view of study." I understand their point (that Japanese people should learn English for more than just reading ...

Dec 7, 2009

Reworking the bottom line

Deputy Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who is in charge of national strategy, and his staff have started reworking fiscal 2010 budgetary requests that total more than ¥95 trillion, a record amount. Given Japan's difficult financial situation, the main task before them is to prioritize ...