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Commentary Dec 1, 2003

Iraq and economy top political agenda

The special session of the Diet that was convened on Nov. 19 following the Nov. 9 general election came to an early close Nov. 27. On the question of the dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces to Iraq, which is the most important issue at ...

Commentary Nov 15, 2003

Election heralds dawn of new political era

The Nov. 9 election of the House of Representatives ushered Japanese politics into a new era in which two parties will dominate: the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Japan. Of the 480 seats, the LDP won 237, followed by the DPJ with ...

Commentary Oct 24, 2003

Criticism prods Bush to tune diplomacy

So far, the war in Iraq and the issues surrounding North Korea have topped news of international events in 2003. During the first half of the year, the joint military operations of the United States and Britain succeeded in toppling the regime of Iraqi President ...

Commentary Oct 4, 2003

Angst builds over next round with North

Japanese diplomacy appears to be in a lull with the situation in Asia centered on the problem with North Korea. Immediately after the six-nation talks were held in the first half of September, reports from Moscow suggested that the next round of six-nation talks ...

Commentary Sep 20, 2003

Japan's work cut out in six-party talks

The two main flash points in the world in the past year have been the Middle East, especially Iraq, and North Korea in East Asia. In the Middle East, the United States went to war against Iraq in the spring and won an easy ...

Commentary Aug 24, 2003

China, U.S. now share a sense of crisis

For the past few years, I have been going to Hawaii every summer to stand atop Diamond Head and speculate on the historic destinies of the United States and China, the two superpowers facing each other across the Pacific, and Japan, which is sandwiched ...

Commentary Aug 9, 2003

Political world prepares for fall showdown

The first half of 2003 was volatile both internationally and domestically. Severe acute respiratory syndrome hit China, other Asian countries and Canada at the beginning of the year and spread around the world. Then, in the Middle East, war broke out when the United ...

Commentary Jul 26, 2003

Timing on dispatch of SDF turns up Koizumi weak spot

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi was brimming with confidence after a bill proposing special measures to support the reconstruction of Iraq passed the House of Representatives in the National Diet. A likely political scenario for the fall ...

Commentary Jul 16, 2003

Parties gear up for elections

The political situation in Japan is already heating up in anticipation of a period of turbulence in the fall. The current ordinary session of the Diet has been extended until July 26, and it seems certain that the bill concerning Japan's support for the ...

Commentary Jul 1, 2003

A ridiculous SDF restriction

The first half of 2003 was marked by the war in Iraq, led by the United States and Britain, and the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome, which hit China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Canada. The war rocked the world politically and economically. Moreover, the ...