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National Jul 8, 2010

Aussie stroke patients to use Wii for rehab

SYDNEY — Australian stroke patients will try out Nintendo Wii applications as part of their rehabilitation treatment, neuroscience researchers say. The two-week trial, which will be run by Neuroscience Research Australia, will take place early next year and involve 50 patients living in rural New ...

National Jun 11, 2010

'Lost Battlefield' of WWII found

SYDNEY — The location of the largest World War II battle between Australian and Imperial Japanese forces in the jungles of Papua New Guinea has been discovered after 68 years, former Australian Army Capt. Brian Freeman said. Known as the "Lost Battlefield," the site was ...

National May 26, 2010

Sydney eatery shows food wasters the door

SYDNEY — Mom's old adage of finishing everything on your dinner plate has been given a new, hardline interpretation by one brave Japanese chef in Australia. Failure to sufficiently clean your plate at Yukako Ichikawa's restaurant, Wafu, will see you banned from returning to the ...

National Dec 3, 2009

'Kami no Shizuku' hails Aussie winery

MCLAREN VALE, Australia — The hugely popular comic book series "Kami no Shizuku" ("Drops of God") that follows the international adventures of two brothers in pursuit of the perfect wine was largely unknown in Australia. That was until one of the country's oldest wineries got ...

National Nov 3, 2009

Japan, Australia on same page for regional bloc

SYDNEY — Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's vision for an East Asian community has been welcomed by an unusual ally, Richard Woolcott, the ambassador responsible for developing Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's alternative proposal for an Asia-Pacific community. "It's very good and useful that both the ...

National Sep 16, 2009

Hatoyama good for Australia ties: experts

SYDNEY — Australia's relationship with Japan will be "significantly invigorated" under the new administration led by Yukio Hatoyama, with experts saying similarities between him and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will help boost bilateral ties. Peter Drysdale, an emeritus professor and East Asian expert at Australian ...

'Sammy sumo' learns to pull her weight in Japan

National Jul 16, 2009

'Sammy sumo' learns to pull her weight in Japan

SYDNEY — Last year, Samantha-Jane Stacey was an average Australian teenage girl juggling a hectic social calendar with one unusual hobby — sumo wrestling. However, being blessed with a natural aptitude for the ancient sport meant the 15-year-old was never destined to be your typical ...

Aso's 'manga museum' plan cool with Aussies

National Jul 14, 2009

Aso's 'manga museum' plan cool with Aussies

SYDNEY (Kyodo) Prime Minister Taro Aso's proposal to build a $125 million "manga museum" has received a ringing endorsement from Australian fans of Japanese comic books and other pop culture. The national popular art center, scheduled to be built in Tokyo in two to three ...

National Apr 15, 2009

Aussie geisha turns to teaching

SYDNEY (Kyodo) Japan's first Western geisha, Sayuki, has revealed she is taking up a new role: lecturing on Japanese cultural studies at Keio University. Australian-born Sayuki will teach local and foreign students about traditional culture from a foreign perspective and provide foreign perceptions of Japan. During ...

Documentary gives voice to Japan WWII vets

National Oct 17, 2008

Documentary gives voice to Japan WWII vets

Sadashige Imanishi's voice falters as he recalls the piles of weapons left behind by dead Japanese soldiers in the jungles of New Guinea. "That was the first time I thought of them and realized how cruel the war was," Imanishi, a member of the 144th ...