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Asia, in a nutshell

Art Dec 18, 2002

Asia, in a nutshell

In Douglas Adams' future dystopia novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," a giant computer finally determines the answer to the meaning of life: 42. The joke was that nobody knew the question. In April 2000, Yasuko Furuichi, exhibition coordinator at the Japan Foundation Asia ...

Art Oct 10, 2002

Prepare for takeoff: Your destination is Sweden

Most travelers dread spending hours waiting in air terminals. The seats are uncomfortable, the food's mediocre and there's nothing worth buying in the duty-free shops. But everyone loves the new, temporary passenger lounge in Roppongi. It's a destination in itself. After checking in or touching ...

Life of the party

Art Jun 12, 2002

Life of the party

Thai artist Rirkrit Tiravanija has an original recipe for success: "I can't paint," he said, "but I can cook." Tiravanija, 40, co-opts normally staid gallery and museum spaces and turns them into lively social occasions. His exhibitions are often like one long opening reception: ...