John Edward Philips

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Commentary / World May 27, 2014

Understanding Boko Haram

Action against the senseless violence of the so-called Boko Haram movement without understanding the group's attraction risks backfiring, as much of the Nigerian government's response to Boko Haram has done to date.

Commentary / World Jul 28, 2008

Believe it or not, Mugabe still has supporters

HIROSAKI, Aomori Pref. — The world can't understand how Robert Mugabe has support left in Zimbabwe. After violence and intimidation against his opponents he was able to steal a victory, but at great cost. Why do his people put up with it and why ...

Commentary / World Dec 13, 2002

Roots of Nigeria's sectarian strife run deep

The riots that drove the Miss World Pageant from Nigeria this year have focused the world's attention on the religious conflict in that major oil-exporting country and its implications for Nigerian stability. Religious conflict and Islamic Shariah law are not new to Nigeria. They have ...