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Environment Nov 27, 2003

Historical village of Thanksgiving past

PLYMOUTH, Mass. -- Over the highways and through the woods, past cranberry bogs we went to Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Mass., an attractive place that likes to call itself "America's Hometown." The Plantation is a re-creation of the first established English community in the ...

General Jul 20, 2000

American educator is remembered by universities he helped to found

AMHERST, Mass. -- "Boys, be ambitious!" This exhortation, which has inspired generations of Japanese, was the parting admonition of American educator William S. Clark to his students in Hokkaido, more than a century ago. Not long after Japan opened its doors to the West, the ...

Art Mar 23, 2000

Interactive hospitality at the Gardner

BOSTON -- "Art is life. Life is art," says artist Lee Mingwei. Lee has created a series of compelling installations that serve as vessels for human exchange and heighten the experience of everyday rituals. Making conversation, writing letters, and spending money are all interactions he ...

Art Aug 14, 1999

Celebrating female energies through the Great Goddess

Female divinity in its myriad South Asian forms is the subject of a major exhibition, "Devi: The Great Goddess," showing at the Smithsonian's Arthur M. Sackler Gallery through Sept. 6. More than 120 objects from India, Nepal, China and Pakistan spanning over 2,000 years ...

Travel Jul 15, 1999

Mark Twain's domain far from the Old Mississippi

HARTFORD, Conn.-- One thinks of life on the Mississippi River when Mark Twain's name is mentioned, but the author, whose given name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens, wrote his most memorable books living as a prosperous Victorian gentleman in Hartford, Conn. Today the commodious red ...

Art Jun 12, 1999

Massachusetts fetes 'arts supercollider'

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. -- There was a palpable thrill in the air when MASS MoCA, the largest center for contemporary visual and performing arts in the United States officially opened its doors to the public May 30. Thirteen years after near-death experiences and a variety ...

Stage May 1, 1999

Timeless tale grabs new audience

NEW YORK -- The final segment of Saeko Ichinohe's imaginative three-part dance project "The Tale of Genji" premiered at a theater at New York's Lincoln Center Plaza April 6, as part of a gala event that included a formal dinner and the Second Annual ...

Travel Apr 14, 1999

A visit to childhood memories

PITTSFIELD, Mass. -- Barbies, Slinkies, Silly Putty, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys and Duncan yo-yos -- what baby boomer does not remember these classic toys? "Kidstuff: Great Toys From Our Childhood," an exhibition that opened at the Berkshire Museum in February is set to travel around ...