Jan-werner Mueller

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Commentary / World Apr 20, 2013

Populism without the people

Nicolas Maduro's narrow win in Venezuela's presidential election raises an important question: Can populism thrive without a popular, charismatic leader?

Commentary / World Oct 27, 2011

Understanding the language of global protest

The protest movements that have flared up across the West, from Chile to Germany, have remained curiously undefined and under-analyzed. Some speak of them as the greatest global mobilization since 1968 — when enragés in very different countries coalesced around similar concerns. But others ...

Commentary / World Apr 28, 2010

Ethics of citizenship tests

PRINCETON, N.J. — Can citizenship really be tested? An increasing number of countries — especially, but not only, in Europe — seem to think so. Over the last decade, tests and exams for immigrants have proliferated — but so have controversies about what they may ...

Commentary / World Jul 5, 2009

The return of religion to Europe

BUDAPEST — It's a well-worn contrast: the United States is religious, Europe is secular. Yet, in some respects, this cliched opposition has actually been reversed recently: Religion played virtually no role during the last American presidential election, while in a range of different European ...

Commentary / World Oct 19, 2008

Moving from Christian to Muslim democracy

BUDAPEST — This past summer, Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) narrowly escaped being banned by the country's constitutional court. State prosecutors alleged that the party was trying to "Islamicize" the country and ultimately introduce theocracy. After the decision, not only did AKP ...

Commentary / World Mar 25, 2007

Despite vision deficit, Europe survives

PRINCETON, New Jersey -- The celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome come at an opportune moment. For now is the time for the European Union to call an end to its self-imposed "reflection period" following the rejection of the ...