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All quiet on the populist front?

Commentary / World Jan 25, 2021

All quiet on the populist front?

Liberals around the world are daring to hope that there is a silver lining to the violent denouement of Donald Trump’s presidency: namely, that the inciter-in-chief’s ignominious exit from the political stage will chasten authoritarian populists elsewhere. Unfortunately, their optimism is naive. Contrary to the ...

Truth and de-Trumpification

Commentary / World Nov 13, 2020

Truth and de-Trumpification

Historically, plenty of other countries’ transitions from authoritarianism have been characterized by a willingness to leave former power-holders unpunished.

Commentary / World Apr 20, 2013

Populism without the people

Nicolas Maduro's narrow win in Venezuela's presidential election raises an important question: Can populism thrive without a popular, charismatic leader?

Commentary / World Oct 27, 2011

Understanding the language of global protest

The protest movements that have flared up across the West, from Chile to Germany, have remained curiously undefined and under-analyzed. Some speak of them as the greatest global mobilization since 1968 — when enragés in very different countries coalesced around similar concerns. But others ...