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/ Sep 24, 2006

Tracing the genealogy of gekiga

LOS ANGELES -- Presented a copy of the latest English-language collection of his work, Yoshihiro Tatsumi turns it over in his hands and says, "This looks too beautiful to be a comic book." Designed by acclaimed American cartoonist Adrian Tomine, "Abandon the Old in Tokyo" ...

'S wonderful

Apr 20, 2005

'S wonderful

CHICAGO -- There is something unnerving about saying "May I speak to Mr. Veloso, please" when you know that the voice at the other end of the line belongs to Caetano Veloso himself. Days have been spent in ecstasy and fear in anticipation of this ...

Know your Shins!

Jan 26, 2005

Know your Shins!

LOS ANGELES -- Ask the band directly, what are The Shins about, and the four friends' free-for-all flow of deadpan wit, wild metaphor and the occasional outburst of song (evidence of not just a clever group of people but a happy one) stops cold. "Oh, ...

Re-start me up

Mar 12, 2003

Re-start me up

When a band has entered its fifth decade and its name is virtually synonymous with rock 'n' roll, it needs no introduction. The Rolling Stones are the Stones. And "Forty Licks," released this year to mark the band's 40th anniversary, is simply a collection ...

Jul 14, 2002

Welcome to the jungle, baby

KANCHANABURI, Thailand -- The night before, we were each issued a backpack. Inside was a bottle of water, a packet of electrolyte drink mix, some first-aid stuff, a rain poncho, a pair of leech socks and a field notebook. But instead of studying up ...