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Big changes likely in '17

World / Politics | 2017 NEW YEAR SPECIAL Jan 1, 2017

Big changes likely in '17

A year of surprises has come to a close, but its unresolved questions will generate many more quakes in 2017. Where are the fault lines, what about President-elect Donald Trump, and what does all this mean for Japan? The year 2016 will always be remembered ...

Commentary / World May 16, 2014

A new cold war or a cool power calculation?

Americans understand that if they go too far too fast in pushing sanctions against Russia in the Ukraine crisis, Europe will publicly break with the U.S. approach, because the Europeans have a lot more at stake economically.

Commentary / World May 10, 2012

Myth of irreversible decline

Drawn-out wars, economic struggles, exploding debt — it's easy to point to these signs and conclude that America is in an irreversible decline; that after a good run, it's time to hand the superpower baton to China or some other up-and-comer. Certainly, the United States ...

Commentary / World Apr 11, 2011

Measuring the revolution wave

NEW YORK — A prediction three months ago that popular protests would soon topple a dictatorship in Tunisia, sweep Hosni Mubarak from power in Egypt, provoke civil war in Moammar Gadhafi's Libya, and rattle regimes from Morocco to Yemen would have drawn serious skepticism. ...

Commentary / World Feb 21, 2010

Uncertainty beyond the Greek financial crisis

NEW YORK — As euro-zone leaders face growing uncertainty in financial markets about the public finances of Greece and other member countries, their statements, albeit somewhat vague, underscore a much larger story — one that will force firms and investors to question their assumptions ...

Commentary / World Jan 30, 2010

Year of U.S.-China discord?

NEW YORK — In 2009, Forbes magazine named U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao the "world's most powerful people." In 2010, we will discover that neither has the power to keep U.S.-Chinese relations on track. That is bad news for those ...

Commentary / World Apr 9, 2008

Whither Africa's 'frontier markets'?

NEW YORK — Zimbabwe's election appears to confirm a truism: Africa only seems to make international headlines when disasters strike — a drought, a coup, a war, a genocide, or, as in the case of President Robert Mugabe, grossly incompetent government. But, over the ...