Gordon Brown

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Commentary / World Feb 27, 2012

Could EU use a global growth plan?

Talleyrand said of the Bourbon dynasty that ruled France both before and after that country's revolution: "They have learned nothing and have forgotten nothing." Today, with the same shortsightedness, Europe's leaders stick unblinkingly to policies that the whole world can see have already failed. Having learned ...

Commentary / World Feb 8, 2011

The growth bargain in Asian consumption

LONDON — U.S. President Barack Obama caught the imagination of the world when he talked recently of a new "Sputnik moment." He outlined a bold plan for improving education, infrastructure and technology, and vividly compared the resolve required to put a man on the ...

Commentary / World Dec 22, 2010

Reviving the West is key

LONDON — In 2008, at a time of financial peril, the world united to restructure the global banking system. In 2009, as trade collapsed and unemployment rose dramatically, the world came together for the first time in the Group of 20 to prevent a ...