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National / Media | BIG IN JAPAN Jul 24, 2011

Setsuden and the magic number 28

Japan's summer has started off with a bang, weather-wise. In what seems like a repeat of last year's record-breaking heat, the first couple of weeks of July were marked by a heatwave throughout many parts of Japan — daily high temperatures in the mid-30s with ...

National / Media | BIG IN JAPAN May 29, 2011

The hot, sticky summer of our discontent

Last summer went on record as Japan's hottest ever, as the daytime mercury seemed stubbornly stuck in the 33 to 36 degrees Celsius range while at nighttime it usually refused to budge to below the 25 C mark. Now we have summer 2011 to look ...

National / Media | BIG IN JAPAN Sep 26, 2010

For young staff, the workplace is no joke

Mr. Sakamoto, a sales team leader at an IT systems company, got off to a rocky start when he was transferred to his current office. At the first meeting with his underlings, all in their 30s, the 43-year-old boss detected a tense atmosphere. So he ...

The green machine

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Apr 20, 2004

The green machine

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, "Nakano spy school" turned out thousands of spies, propaganda chiefs and commandos to serve in the furthest corners of Asia during the Pacific War. After the war, the elite and secretive academy in Nakano Ward, Tokyo, ...

Japan still bazaar for the bizarre

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Oct 21, 2003

Japan still bazaar for the bizarre

It's not news that Japan is a vast emporium for some of the weirdest products ever retailed on the planet. We've all read the stories about high-tech toilet seats, used schoolgirls' underwear, million-yen pet beetles, canned whale blubber, and so on. Even so, this is ...

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Sep 9, 2003

Waging war on the U.S. presence

If you're a reader of Japanese newspapers or a viewer of Japanese TV news, you're probably well aware of the U.S. military presence in Japan. And the chances are, nearly everything you've read or heard has been negative. For the Japanese mainstream media, U.S. ...