Chandrahas Choudhury

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Commentary / World Mar 13, 2015

India's growing crisis of democracy

An ambitious political experiment engineered by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist party in the border state of Jammu and Kashmir — the only Muslim-majority state in India — threatens to implode within just a few days of its start.

Commentary / World Feb 9, 2015

Indian voters allow for an upstart

Perhaps a sense of the increasing lopsidedness of political power in India explains why so many voters around the country are so keenly interested in the results of last weekend's elections in the city-state of New Delhi, involving the fledgling Aam Aadmi Party.

Commentary / World Dec 29, 2014

An all-Hindu vision of India

India's powerful, male-only Hindu nationalist outfit announces an intensive conversion program to recover its "lost property" in India, feeding its dream of an India that is nothing less than "100 per cent Hindu."

Commentary / World Dec 16, 2014

What economics can learn from human beings

Legend has it that it's hard even to get bank staff to read the "World Development Report" published annually by the World Bank. The report for 2015 should prove to be an exception, though, as it appears to help policymakers understand deeply ingrained habits ...