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Dubstep acts Ena, Helixir to play Module

Mar 25, 2011

Dubstep acts Ena, Helixir to play Module

The dubstep sound — characterized by 2-step garage beats and deep, undulating bass lines — that began in London about a decade ago has caught on somewhat in Tokyo and evolved into its own scene. It's still relatively young, but groups of Japanese and ...

DJ Towa Tei 'Motivation H'

/ Jul 9, 2010

DJ Towa Tei "Motivation H"

"Motivation H" compiled by DJ Towa Tei is the latest addition to this local DJ's long, international career in dance music. This CD is the eighth in his Motivation series — this one coinciding with the swanky Hotel H parties he began last summer ...

Various Artists 'The Best Soccer Songs'

/ Jun 18, 2010

Various Artists "The Best Soccer Songs"

This eclectic compilation released by the Japan Football Association throws together pop, rock, funk and dancey Brazilian soccer anthems to accompany the emotional rush of the World Cup. The album includes catchy hits from major pop and rock stars including Fatboy Slim, The Village ...

DJ Fumiya: 'DJ Fumiya in the Mix'

/ May 28, 2010

DJ Fumiya: "DJ Fumiya in the Mix"

Starting out as a hip-hop DJ at age 14, DJ Fumiya's career has got bigger and broader. He joined the eclectic Japanese hip-hop group Rip Slyme as the main producer at 18, and with Fumiya manning the gear the outfit won a slew of ...

Rogue Wave

/ May 21, 2010

Rogue Wave

A powerful flood of change threatens to wash through the Tokyo rock scene courtesy of the upcoming Rogue Wave event on May 25. It can be difficult for smaller bands to establish themselves on the domestic music scene, as artists popularized through the Oricon music ...

Japan's dubstep forges own path

Mar 19, 2010

Japan's dubstep forges own path

Young people dressed in baggy jeans and hooded sweaters groove to chunky rhythms in a dark, smoky club. The music is spun by the night's DJ, Goth-trad. It may look like any other club, but the style is unique to Japan. Goth-trad is spinning dubstep, ...