Bharat Jhunjhunwala

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Commentary / World Jun 2, 2002

Chinese growth miracle may be a myth

NEW DELHI -- Has China really achieved double-digit growth rates in the past two decades? And is India really lagging behind? Close scrutiny reveals that India's growth rate may actually have been higher. China is said to have moved to a double-digit trajectory beginning in ...

Commentary / World Aug 18, 2001

U.S. mortgaging wealth before recession

NEW DELHI -- It's becoming increasingly clear that the U.S. economy, despite a sharp slowdown, is holding the world against a global recession. Americans are borrowing globally and using the money to consume the goods of the world. Alas! This can continue only as ...

Commentary / World May 4, 2000

Global economy faces a structural crisis

The Nasdaq has fallen 34 percent since March, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is following suit. The decline might be only a technical correction, but the world economy may be hit because the inflow of capital into the United States may decline and ...

Commentary / World Jan 24, 2000

Free trade means lower living standards

NEW DELHI -- The debate in the aftermath of the WTO meeting in Seattle continues with the assumption that globalization fundamentally benefits the world's people. It is forgotten that globalization also implies that wages will become equalized on a global scale. If this occurs, ...

Commentary / World May 4, 1999

India rightly resists the Chinese model

India has often been advised to follow the path of China in public investment in human capital. China has done well in the last decade, but it would be a disaster if India were to follow her example. China's approach can be called "two ...

Commentary / World Mar 20, 1999

Learning on the job can be a good idea

The value of education has become a cliche. But few people seem to realize that school-based education can often prove a liability. Consider the views of Ram Mohan, a young farmer from the Indian state of Rajasthan, who refused to go to school. "My ...