Ban Ki Moon

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/ Oct 1, 2011

Agenda of imperatives for 7 billion

Late next month, a child will be born — the 7 billionth citizen of planet Earth. We will never know the circumstances into which he or she was born. We do know that the baby will enter a world of vast and unpredictable change — ...

/ Mar 24, 2010

Don't just wait for disaster

NEW YORK — No country can afford to ignore the lessons of the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti. We cannot stop such disasters from happening. But we can dramatically reduce their impact, if the right disaster risk reduction measures are taken in advance. A week ...

/ Aug 6, 2009

My plan to achieve nuclear disarmament

NEW YORK — The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 marked an end and a beginning. The close of World War II ushered in a Cold War, with a precarious peace based on the threat of mutually assured destruction. Today the world is at ...

/ Nov 24, 2008

Connecting the solutions while there's time

WASHINGTON — The world does not need to be reminded of the urgency of this historical moment. We sense it every day in the news. One day a major bank, insurance company, or automaker announces a record loss. The next brings word of the ...