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National Sep 8, 2009

Expectations rise for surgery to stem obesity

Expectations for obesity surgery are rising in Japan, where about 600,000 people are reported to be morbidly overweight. Severely overweight people account for 0.5 percent of the country's population in terms of the body mass index, a measure of body fat calculated by dividing weight ...

Researchers discover excessive fluorine levels in tea beverages

National Aug 1, 2009

Researchers discover excessive fluorine levels in tea beverages

Japanese researchers have studied and verified the presence of fluorine in tea beverages, saying prolonged consumption of the drinks could weaken bones. The researchers, including Tetsuo Shimmura, a senior scientist at Toyama Institute of Health in Toyama Prefecture, reported the existence of the chemical in ...

National May 29, 2009

Flexibility key to beating influenza, expert says

At the Naito Museum of Pharmaceutical Science and Industry in Kakamigahara, Gifu Prefecture, a color print recalls a scourge that struck the country more than a century ago: "It is named 'influenza' which is originated from foreign goods imported . . . at first, ...

National May 27, 2009

Clinic-hospital links praised for safe births

Close ties between obstetric clinics and maternity hospitals are supporting Japan's top-level safety in childbirths, which has led to very low rates both of perinatal mortality and maternal death. There is a need for obstetric clinics and maternity hospitals to share the burden between them, ...

National Mar 26, 2009

Antismoking meet focuses on mentally impaired and inpatients

It is difficult for mentally impaired people to quit smoking, but they can if proper treatment is administered, like the well-orchestrated campaigns that have proved effective in assisting cancer patients undergoing hospital treatment to kick the habit. These and other examples were reported at an ...

National Apr 30, 2008

Male life expectancy lowered by smoking and drinking

The difference in average life expectancy between men and women in Japan was 3.9 years after World War II but has since expanded to nearly seven years. Why do women live longer lives than men? The answer is smoking and alcohol are shortening men's lives, while ...

National Apr 22, 2008

24% suffer some form of mental ills

Twenty-four percent of Japanese have suffered mental illnesses such as depression, alcohol abuse or addiction, but only 30 percent of them consulted a doctor. These alarming mental health statistics were revealed in a recent large-scale nationwide investigation that a Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry research ...

Stress-related intestinal disorders go undiagnosed

National Nov 1, 2007

Stress-related intestinal disorders go undiagnosed

A stress-related intestinal disorder helped bundle Prime Minister Shinzo Abe out of office, but many others put up with conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome without seeking medical treatment. After announcing his resignation on Sept. 12, Abe slipped from public view into a hospital, where ...

Business Dec 22, 2004

Urban waste to gold: Akita factory finds philosophers' stone

KOSAKA, Akita Pref. (Kyodo) A smelting and refining factory here is producing gold, silver and other precious metals from electronic circuit boards, turning mountains of waste in major cities into "urban mines." "About 20 percent (of such metals) is produced by recycling the circuit boards ...

Commentary / World Feb 17, 2000

Overhaul Japan's space program to save it

A Japanese rocket carrying an astronomical observation satellite, designed to check X-rays in outer space, failed to reach its scheduled orbit after liftoff from Kagoshima Space Center last Thursday. Coming on the heels of the crash last November of a rocket that carried a ...