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LDP bedfellows out; no biz as usual

National Dec 15, 2009

LDP bedfellows out; no biz as usual

Takeshi Miyamoto is a man on a mission, but things haven't been going his way. Earlier this year, his group, the Japan Iron and Steel Federation, an influential business association under the powerful Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren), worked strenuously to convey its concerns to ...

National Jul 30, 2009

The new face of home caregivers

Kazuo Yamazaki was in the prime of his career as an engineer at a Japanese music company doing business across borders. His decades-long profession came to an abrupt end six years ago, however, when at age 55 he became his mother's primary caregiver. He tried ...

Mixi faces challenges as competition grows

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Jun 24, 2009

Mixi faces challenges as competition grows

Early last month, Mixi CEO Kenji Kasahara came under intense pressure. That was on the day that his company, Japan's biggest social-networking operator, announced its financial results and forecast for the year: Its profit would fall by 15 percent from the previous year, the ...