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Automation set to affect our job prospects

Mar 17, 2014

Automation set to affect our job prospects

Who needs an army of lawyers when you have a computer? When Minneapolis attorney William Greene faced the task of combing through 1.3 million electronic documents in a recent case, he turned to a so-called smart computer program. Three associates selected relevant documents from a ...

Beach-storming drill in U.S. hones SDF amphibious edge

Jul 16, 2013

Beach-storming drill in U.S. hones SDF amphibious edge

One thousand members of the Self-Defense Forces have been learning how to recapture territory in the face of enemy fire, and while the shoreline may be California's, the skills they are building could one day be used closer to home. During the two-week Dawn Blitz ...

Oct 6, 2011

Diversify reserves with new markets: lawmaker

Japan should hold more of its foreign reserves in emerging market assets to diversify its $1.2 trillion pool, a ruling party lawmaker said. "We should invest in not just the dollar and the euro, but our trading partners like China, South Korea and Thailand," Tsutomu ...

Aug 5, 2011

Finance Ministry intervenes to stem gains in currency

Japan followed Switzerland in seeking to stem appreciating exchange rates that threatened to damage export competitiveness, selling the yen and pledging to inject ¥10 trillion ($126 billion) in funds into the economy. Japan acted alone in the market, while officials were in touch with other ...

Apr 15, 2011

Nuke plant escalation fails to dent rebound expectations

An escalation in Japan's nuclear crisis has failed to dissuade analysts from forecasting an economic rebound starting next quarter, an outlook that hinges on a recovery in business and household confidence. Gross domestic product may shrink 3 percent in April-to-June, the most since the aftermath ...

Mar 31, 2011

Osaka's allure increases

Japanese companies may rethink their century-long trend of concentrating resources in Tokyo after the nation's record earthquake crimped power supply to the capital and radiation concern spurred some residents to flee. Production hubs in Japan should be shifted to the western part of the country ...