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A protest against the extradition law in Hong Kong in June 2019
Mar 22, 2024
Where are Hong Kong’s leading pro-democracy figures now?
In 2019, Hong Kong erupted into the most stunning expression of public anger with Beijing in decades.
Lawmakers vote on the new national security law at Hong Kong’s Legislative Council on Tuesday.
Mar 19, 2024
Hong Kong adopts sweeping security laws, bowing to Beijing
The body fast-tracked a major piece of legislation that critics say further threatens the China-ruled city's freedoms.
Japan Times
Jun 6, 2023
In rare victory for media, Hong Kong court overturns conviction of journalist
A court ruled that “substantial and grave injustice” was done to Choy Yuk-ling, an investigative journalist who also goes by the name Bao Choy.
Japan Times
Apr 1, 2023
In Taiwan’s waters, a hunt for tiny, wriggling ‘gold’
In the 1980s and ’90s, Taiwan’s eel industry was thriving, fueled by Japan’s appetite for unagi. But those days are gone.
Japan Times
Apr 5, 2022
With each new crisis in Hong Kong, pressure built on a Beijing loyalist
On Monday, those pressures appeared to boil over as Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced that she would not seek a second five-year term.
Japan Times
Oct 8, 2021
14 cuts in 25 minutes: How Hong Kong censors movies
The Asian film capital has cracked down on documentaries and independent productions that it fears could glamorize the pro-democracy movement.
Japan Times
Sep 7, 2021
Chinese social media site suspends K-pop fan accounts
Beijing is concerned that the quest for online attention and celebrity adulation is poisoning the minds of the country's youth.
Japan Times
Aug 16, 2021
‘Our hands and feet are tied’: Hong Kong’s opposition quits in droves
The landslide victory of pro-democracy politicians in local elections in 2019 was a stunning rebuke of Beijing. Now, fear of retaliation has driven them to quit.
Japan Times
Jul 27, 2021
How a front-line nurse trained for the Olympics in a time of pandemic
When COVID-19 struck Singapore in 2020, rower Joan Poh put her athletic training on hold to go back to work.
Japan Times
Jun 25, 2021
What else has Hong Kong lost, readers ask, as a paper is silenced
To many, Apple Daily was a symbol of the civil liberties that have been lost as Beijing has tightened its grip over the city.
Japan Times
Jun 21, 2021
In the new Hong Kong, booksellers walk a fine line
Amid a widening crackdown, many independent bookstores have strengthened their resolve to connect with their readers and crystallized their roles as vibrant community hubs.
Japan Times
May 28, 2021
Hong Kong has a new type of prisoner: Pro-democracy activists
With fraught political future and the threat of another arrest, the arrested protesters are emblematic of the uncertainties facing the city's stricken democracy movement.
Japan Times
Apr 12, 2021
Chinese shows blur Western brands over Xinjiang cotton dispute
The censorship has exposed the unexpected political tripwires confronting apolitical entertainment platforms.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Feb 26, 2021
Boisterous children and noisy neighbors put on the map in Japan
A new website is pledging to help house hunters avoid neighborhoods inhabited by 'stupid parents who let their children play on roads and parking lots.”
Japan Times
Jan 27, 2021
Hong Kong’s first COVID-19 lockdown exposes deep-rooted inequality
Hong Kong has long been one of the most unequal places on Earth, a city where luxury malls sit shoulder-to-shoulder with overcrowded tenements.
Japan Times
Dec 25, 2020
Influencers may face fines as China tackles obesity and food waste
More than half of China's adult population is either overweight or obese, according to a new government report released Wednesday.
Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health
Oct 20, 2020
2,000-year-old cat etching found at Nazca Lines site in Peru
The etching is believed to be older than any of the prehistoric geoglyphs previously unearthed at Nazca.
Japan Times
Oct 13, 2020
BTS honored Korean War sacrifices. Some in China saw an insult.
The group's leader acknowledged the shared suffering of Americans and Koreans during a recent ceremony commemorating the war.
Japan Times
ASIA PACIFIC / Crime & Legal
Aug 27, 2020
With new arrests, Hong Kong’s police try to change the narrative
Authorities have tried to recast the facts around an incident last year at Yuen Long station in which a group of men in white shirts struck unarmed commuters with bats.
Japan Times
LIFE / Style & Design
Aug 20, 2020
Tokyo now has transparent public toilets. Let us explain.
Public toilets around the globe have a reputation for being dirty and dangerous. Tokyo recently unveiled new restrooms in public parks that aim to address those concerns.


Later this month, author Shogo Imamura will open Honmaru, a bookstore that allows other businesses to rent its shelves. It's part of a wave of ideas Japanese booksellers are trying to compete with online spaces.
The story isn't over for Japan's bookstores