Aaron Clark
Japan's emissions in fiscal 2023 represents a 23% reduction from 2013 levels, but it’s still a way off from the 46% reduction the government has pledged to make by 2030.
Apr 12, 2024
Japan’s annual emissions drop as industrial pollution shrinks
Emissions slipped 2.3% in the year ending March 2023 to 1.085 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, the environment ministry said.
Port Plus is a training and education facility in Yokohama built by and for general contractor Obayashi, a storied Japanese builder that traces its roots back to 1892.
Nov 16, 2023
Wooden high-rise in Yokohama grows Japan’s timber ambitions
Port Plus, which was finished last year, is composed mainly of 540 wooden rigid cross-joints.
Roofers sport hats to take cover from the sun during a heat wave in Eagle Pass, Texas, late last month.
Aug 24, 2023
Heat wave led to huge release of methane from fossil fuel plants
Imagery shows operators in the largest U.S. energy basin released hundreds of tons of gas into the air as crucial equipment was forced to shut down.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
May 16, 2023
Japan plan to use ammonia for power could boost pollution tied to premature deaths
Burning ammonia releases fine particulate matter known as PM2.5, which has been linked to a range of conditions.
Japan Times
May 3, 2023
Here are five ways finance is trying to de-risk heat waves
From heatstroke insurance to plans that reimburse dairy farmers when cows are too hot to produce milk, a new wave of products may help communities.
Japan Times
Apr 21, 2023
Japan's emissions up for first time in eight years in blow to climate goal
The country's emissions expanded 2% in the year ending March 2022 to 1.12 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, the Environment Ministry said.
Japan Times
Sep 5, 2022
The Himalayan glaciers are melting, and Pakistan is drowning
Dissolving snow and ice in the iconic mountain range is contributing to floods in Pakistan, droughts in China and changes on Mount Everest.
Japan Times
Aug 16, 2022
Even with biggest-ever climate bill, U.S. lags China’s green spending
Many countries have passed climate regulations and invested in green infrastructure, but the scale of the Inflation Reduction Act has few parallels.
Japan Times
Jun 12, 2022
Japan’s discarded kimonos get new life as redesigned casual wear
Now designers are repurposing high-quality fabric from cast off kimonos to make contemporary outfits more suited to today's sensibilities and fashion.
Japan Times
May 18, 2022
Climate change boosted cost of Japan storm by $4 billion, study shows
Hagibis, which killed about 100 people and brought torrential rainfall to Tokyo, was one of the costliest Western Pacific typhoons on record, scientists in the U.K. have said.
Japan Times
Mar 4, 2021
Decade after Fukushima disaster, Greenpeace sees cleanup failure
Greenpeace said its own radiation surveys conducted over the last decade have consistently found readings above government target levels.
Japan Times
Mar 17, 2020
Nine years after Fukushima, Japan can't quit its coal habit
A return to coal has left Japan with long-term climate goals that are unambitious — and increasingly, the subject of international censure.
BUSINESS / Markets
Aug 8, 2014
Nikkei financial newspaper has a lock on earnings prescience
If you wanted to find out what Toyota Motor Corp., NTT Docomo Inc. and Canon Inc. earned last year before they reported their results, the best guide wasn't analyst or company predictions. It was the Nikkei newspaper.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
May 8, 2014
Nintendo to target emerging markets in '15
Nintendo, which has been struggling to win over consumers with its latest generation of game consoles, plans to expand in emerging markets with new devices starting next year.


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