Angus Whitley
Japan Times
May 19, 2020
International plane travel creeps back with ‘bubble’ corridors
Planes are flying again on a handful of international routes, creating a possible path to recovery for a battered industry. But with COVID-19 still spreading, aspiring passengers will have to navigate a patchy network that might include virus tests and weeks-long quarantine.
Japan Times
ASIA PACIFIC / Science & Health / FOCUS
Jan 22, 2020
Australian way of life going up in smoke in new normal of bush fires
The fabric of Australian life — the sun-licked, outdoor way of healthy living that has drawn people to the continent for decades — is under assault.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Aug 16, 2019
China's crackdown on Cathay Pacific bodes ill for other companies in Hong Kong
For more than half a century, Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. has been Hong Kong's gateway to the world, its mix of British heritage and Asian high-altitude luxury bridging the city's colonial past with its Chinese location. But it's that unique cultural blend that has ensnared the carrier in an increasingly...
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Jun 2, 2017
Amazon comes knocking on remote Australia, where brick-and-mortar retailers are king Inc., which has lost billions overseas trying to replicate its U.S. success, is now attempting to crack one of the biggest and most sparsely populated nations where bricks-and-mortar retailers are king.
Japan Times
May 17, 2016
Asia airline mergers may be in the cards after world's largest budget carrier tie-up
The creation of the world's biggest alliance of low-cost airlines may signal that some of Asia's struggling budget carriers are headed for the altar.
Japan Times
Feb 21, 2016
Site of missing MH370 may be lost forever
The man leading the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is showing the strain after almost two years of fruitless toil.


Tokashiki Beach acts as a sanctuary for sea turtles and offers ideal snorkeling waters. It was also the site of the U.S. Army’s preliminary invasion that led to the 1945 Battle of Okinawa, which resulted in the deaths of nearly 150,000 people.
On Okinawa's Tokashiki Island, life's a beach — one of the best in the world