Anatoly Kurmanaev
Migrant workers from Tajikistan in an apartment shared by 18 people in Moscow in May 2020. The main suspects in the deadly assault are from Tajikistan. Now many other Tajiks, who fill jobs in Russia’s wartime economy, are being deported and harassed.
WORLD / Politics
Apr 6, 2024
In Moscow attack, a handful of suspects but 1 million Tajiks under suspicion
Many Tajiks who fill jobs in Russia’s wartime economy are being deported and harassed.
Firefighters and first responders inside a residential building that was hit by a Russian missile strike in Kyiv on Tuesday.
Jan 3, 2024
Russia hammers Kyiv with missiles in large-scale attack
The barrage came a day after President Vladimir Putin of Russia promised to retaliate for a Ukrainian assault on a Russian city.
The word Wagner is carved into the wall of a Ukrainian school previously occupied by Russian soldiers. A force led by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s former bodyguard is trying to recruit veterans of the paramilitary force, which mutinied against Moscow and whose leader was killed in a plane crash.
WORLD / Politics
Nov 13, 2023
Russia steps up efforts to lure Wagner veterans back to Ukraine war
Four former Russian inmates who fought with Wagner in eastern Ukraine said they had received calls and messages offering new military contracts.
Japan Times
Jul 4, 2023
Prigozhin’s public support remains significant, polls show
Prigozhin’s short lived-rebellion, which he called off within hours, had posed the most dramatic challenge to President Vladimir Putin’s leadership in his two decades in power.
Japan Times
Jun 25, 2023
As Putin’s trusted partner, Prigozhin was always willing to do the dirty work
Yevgeny Prigozhin, the mercenary leader of the Wagner Group, had earned the trust of Vladimir Putin. Then he staged a mutiny that rattled the Kremlin.
Japan Times
Jun 4, 2023
‘Everything changed’: The war arrives on Russians’ doorstep
The hardship is familiar to Ukrainians, but many Russians had not expected something similar to happen on their home turf.
Japan Times
Apr 24, 2023
Russia’s technocrats embraced the West, then enabled Putin’s war
The expertise of economic officials who continue to work in the government has helped President Vladimir Putin largely keep the economy afloat in the face of Western sanctions.
Japan Times
Mar 18, 2023
Xi, cast as peacemaker, wades into Russia’s war in Ukraine
The Chinese leader is expected to meet in person next week with President Vladimir Putin of Russia, and a call with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine could follow.
Japan Times
Jul 3, 2022
Russia steps up pace of missile attacks on residential targets
Some of the deadliest strikes of the war have occurred in the past week, including at a shopping mall and a residential block.


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