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Dec 9, 2001
Waste disposal: Not just a load of rubbish
If extreme global warming is the headline-making environmental disaster on the world's horizon, then waste disposal is its ugly domestic step-sister that's already here.
Dec 6, 2001
Forests eyed for bulk of greenhouse cuts
The government is intent on achieving nearly two-thirds of the greenhouse gas cuts it has pledged under a U.N. climate accord by using the carbon dioxide-absorbing properties of the nation's forests, The Japan Times learned Wednesday.
Nov 17, 2001
Cut fossil fuel dependence: scientist
Japan should slash its reliance on fossil fuels and continue carving out a niche in the burgeoning area of eco-technologies to ease its economic ills and improve the environment, according to renowned environmental scientist Norman Myers.
Nov 16, 2001
Job growth tipped for environmental technologies
Promoting technologies that would ease climate change could boost economic growth and employment significantly by 2010, according to a report being put together by a think tank commissioned by the Environment Ministry.
Nov 3, 2001
Delegates shape Kyoto Protocol's future
Conventional wisdom has it that the devil is in the details. It is exactly devilish details that are waiting for climate-change negotiators trying to put the finishing touches on the Kyoto climate accord at negotiations in Marrakesh, Morocco that will run until Nov. 9.
Oct 7, 2001
Failure on a grandiose scale
DOGS AND DEMONS: Tales From the Dark Side of Japan, by Alex Kerr. Hill and Wang, New York, 2001, 432 pp., $27.00 (cloth) Staff writer What has happened to Japan? Coming on the heels of the "lost decade," the January government reshuffle and a series of reforms that Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi promises will turn the country around, this is certainly a timely question.
Sep 24, 2001
Temperatures push new heights in Tokyo
Tokyo is becoming more of a jungle every year -- meteorologically speaking. As metropolitan temperatures continue to climb annually, there are signs that temperate Tokyo is becoming more tropical.
Sep 6, 2001
Wetland conservation efforts gain ground
Wetlands have long gotten short shrift in Japan and around the world.
Aug 17, 2001
Population decline not all bad news
Japan's population is charting a downward trajectory.
Jul 27, 2001
Japan took more than it gave on Kyoto
After nearly four drawn out days of intense talks in Bonn, 178 signatories to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change forged an accord on operating rules for the Kyoto Protocol.
Jun 9, 2001
Global assessment of environment aims to provide layman's summary
Walter Reid is entering uncharted territory.
Jun 2, 2001
OECD asks how green is Japan?
The nation's environment policies were placed under the microscope recently by an OECD team that was conducting the information-gathering stage of its second review of Japan's environmental policy.
May 31, 2001
Tobacco industry 'Insider' takes his campaign to Japan
Educational and grassroots activities will be crucial if Japan is to successfully reduce the nation's relatively high number of smokers and incidence of lung cancer -- one of the leading causes of death in this country, said scientist and tobacco educator Jeffrey Wigand.
May 12, 2001
Activist gives draft CFC bill pass mark
Citizen lobbying and government dithering is moving the nation closer to realizing a scheme to promote the retrieval of ozone-depleting and greenhouse gases.
May 3, 2001
New Web site aids feather aficionados
The Wild Bird Society of Japan has launched a Web site to aid binocular-toting bird watchers who spend their holidays poking around bushes and peeking in trees.
May 1, 2001
OECD environment strategy faces hurdles
In its first environmental strategy to be adopted later this month, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is expected to embrace a five-point plan calling for members to slash subsidies that hurt the environment and introduce incentives to stem environmental damage.
May 1, 2001
Kawaguchi optimistic on climate change talks
Climate change negotiations are steadily progressing behind the scenes and some subtle changes could portend breakthroughs, reappointed Environment Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi said.
Apr 18, 2001
Japan faces dilemma over Kyoto Protocol
Japan should start focusing more diplomatic attention on Russia if it wants to put the Kyoto Protocol climate change agreement into force -- with or without the United States.
LIFE / Digital
Apr 12, 2001
Handspring holds on to the future
Move over personal computers, you're just not personal enough. Consumers are seeking something sleeker, something less sedentary. Something that will perform more technological acrobatics and perhaps be a little easier to cuddle up with on a rainy day. Or so handheld computer makers and visionaries would have you believe.
Apr 10, 2001
EU needs Japan's help to keep protocol: activist
Japan's actions may hold the key to the rescue of the Kyoto Protocol, according to a World Wide Fund for Nature climate change campaigner.


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