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An image provided by Profluent Bio shows the physical structure of OpenCRISPR-1, a gene editor created by AI technology from Profluent.
WORLD / Science & Health
Apr 25, 2024
Generative AI arrives in the gene-editing world of CRISPR
AI has arrived on the scene of gene editing with the goal of outdoing billions of years of natural evolution.
James Manyika, who heads Google’s technology and society team, delivers the keynote address at Google I/O in Mountain View, California, in 2023. OpenAI, Google and Meta ignored corporate policies, altered their own rules and discussed skirting copyright law as they sought online information to train their newest artificial intelligence systems.
Apr 8, 2024
How tech giants cut corners to harvest data for AI
The companies’ actions illustrate how online information has increasingly become the lifeblood of the booming AI industry.
Elon Musk arrives at the U.S. Capitol in Washington to participate in the A.I. Forum in September of last year.
Mar 2, 2024
Elon Musk sues OpenAI and Sam Altman for violating the company’s principles
Musk sued OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman, accusing them of breaching a contract by putting profits ahead of the public good.
China’s tech firms were caught off guard by breakthroughs in generative artificial intelligence — Beijing’s regulations and a sagging economy aren’t helping.
Feb 22, 2024
China’s rush to dominate AI has a twist: It depends on U.S. technology
Even as the United States has tried to slow China’s advancements, it has not held back the practice of openly releasing software to encourage its adoption.
Split over the leadership of Sam Altman, board members and executives at OpenAI turned on one another. Their brawl exposed the cracks at the heart of the artificial intelligence movement.
Dec 11, 2023
Inside OpenAI’s crisis over the future of artificial intelligence
From the moment it was created in 2015, OpenAI was primed to combust.
Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk gets in a Tesla car as he leaves a hotel in Beijing in May.
WORLD / Science & Health
Aug 1, 2023
Elon Musk’s unmatched power in the stars
The tech billionaire has become the dominant power in satellite internet technology. The ways he is wielding that influence are raising global alarms.
Japan Times
Mar 15, 2023
10 ways GPT-4 is impressive but still flawed
Although it’s an awfully good test taker, the system — from San Francisco startup OpenAI — is not on the verge of matching human intelligence.
Japan Times
Dec 12, 2022
The new chatbots could change the world. Can you trust them?
Many experts believe these new chatbots are poised to reinvent or even replace internet search engines such as Google and Bing.
Japan Times
Nov 25, 2021
Can a machine learn morality?
Researchers at an artificial intelligence lab in Seattle called the Allen Institute for AI unveiled new technology last month that was designed to make moral judgments. They called it Delphi, after the religious oracle consulted by the ancient Greeks. Anyone could visit the Delphi website and ask for...


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