Roger Cohen
An Israeli officer directing traffic at the Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, and Jerusalem on Dec. 3, 2023. Spain, Norway and Ireland said on Wednesday that they would recognize an independent Palestinian state, a rebuke to Israel over its war in Gaza and its decades of occupation of Palestinian territories.
WORLD / Politics
May 23, 2024
Can European recognition bring Palestinian statehood any closer?
The recognition comes as the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor requests arrest warrants for Netanyahu and his defense minister for alleged war crimes in Gaza.
A man is detained after Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot at close range in an assassination attempt, after a government meeting in Handlova, Slovakia, on Wednesday.
WORLD / Politics
May 19, 2024
A would-be assassin stirs Europe’s violent ghosts
Political violence and polarization stalk Europe today, with ominous echoes of the past.
Jordan Bardella, President of the French far-right National Rally party, gestures he attends a political rally during the party's campaign for the European elections in Perpignan, France, on May 1.
WORLD / Politics
May 6, 2024
Just how dangerous is Europe’s rising far right?
Anti-immigration parties with fascist roots — and an uncertain commitment to democracy — are now mainstream.
French President Emmanuel Macron greets Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the Elysee Palace in Paris on Feb. 26.
WORLD / Politics
Mar 9, 2024
Macron and Scholz, never close, spar over policy toward Ukraine and Russia
A fraught relationship has recently turned bitter, with insults and barbs threatening European unity at a critical moment.
Japan Times
Jun 30, 2023
Police shooting in France presents new challenge for Macron
Protests over the fatal police shooting of a teenager come as President Emmanuel Macron seeks to restore a sense of calm after his pension overhaul ignited turbulence in the streets.
Japan Times
Apr 7, 2023
Xi and Macron call for Ukraine peace talks, but the path is murky
It is not clear that the French and Chinese leaders have compatible terms for talks or peace, and Xi has not agreed to push Moscow to negotiate.
Japan Times
Feb 26, 2023
Year of conflict in Ukraine has left Europe forever changed
The Ukraine war has transformed the continent more profoundly than any event since the Cold War’s 1989 end.
Japan Times
Dec 25, 2022
Putin wants fealty, and he’s found it in Africa
With his invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin of Russia unleashed a new disorder on the world. And in the Central African Republic, Moscow already has its way.
Japan Times
Sep 22, 2022
A cornered Putin is more dangerous than ever
In his menacing televised address Wednesday, Putin aimed at nothing less than altering the meaning of the war for his country, raising the stakes for the entire world.
Japan Times
Aug 20, 2022
Odesa is defiant. It’s also Putin’s ultimate target.
Odesa, grain port to the world, city of creative mingling, scarred metropolis steeped in Jewish history, is the big prize in the war and a personal obsession for Putin.
Japan Times
Mar 27, 2022
The making of Vladimir Putin
As China rose, as the U.S. fought and lost its forever wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as technology networked the world, a Russian enigma took form in the Kremlin.
Japan Times
Feb 9, 2022
Europe calls for peace, but not at any price
More than a border dispute, the crisis poses the question of how European security will be assured for many years to come.
Japan Times
Feb 8, 2022
Putin warns the West and Ukraine, but keeps his intentions a mystery
The Russian leader is an avid geopolitical tactician, and talks Monday showcased his ability to force the West to pay attention to the Kremlin's long-standing grievances.
Japan Times
May 5, 2021
France battles over whether to cancel or celebrate Napoleon
By choosing to lay a wreath Wednesday at Napoleon's tomb under the golden dome of Les Invalides, Macron is stepping into the heart of France's culture wars.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics
Jan 8, 2021
A shattering blow to America’s troubled democratic image
The institutions of democracy prevailed in the early hours of the following morning, but the images of mob rule in Washington touched a particular nerve in fractured Western societies.
Japan Times
Jan 3, 2021
Brexit’s silver lining for Europe
The bloc has in some ways been galvanized by the trauma of the drawn out divorce, overcoming long-standing obstacles and lifting its ambitions.


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