Noah Feldman
May 22, 2015
China's Cold War nostalgia
China's MIRV warhead deployment is meant to emphasize that it intends to become a genuine global power alongside the U.S.
Japan Times
Apr 28, 2015
Reality check: Drones aren't precision weapons
When it comes to drones, the fantasy of precision is just that, a fantasy.
Apr 2, 2015
AIIB: Chinese cash versus American might
When it comes to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the message from China to the U.S. is clear: either concede to us the place we deserve in existing international institutions, or we will go around you and start our own.
Japan Times
Mar 31, 2015
A Sunni coalition is a welcome development
The U.S. and Israel should probably welcome the Egyptian president's announcement of an agreement by the Arab League to create a joint military force, as the Islamic State group is unlikely to be defeated by air power alone.
Mar 22, 2015
Gunmen strike at the heart of Tunisia's political idealism
The Tunisian government will now have to wake up and acknowledge that the enemies of constitutional democracy view the success of the Tunisian experiment as a threat to their own vision of Islamic law and governance.
Japan Times
Feb 13, 2015
Ukraine: first arms, then what?
If the U.S. commits itself to sending arms to Ukraine, it will be signing up for more than military aid. Arms shipments alone are almost never enough to enable a weaker actor to defeat a big-time power.
Japan Times
Feb 10, 2015
Why Jordan is the Islamic State's next target
Jordan and the Islamic State group are enmeshed in an extended, dynamic, repeat-play game in which the rules are just now being set.
Japan Times
Dec 23, 2014
Obama, executive in charge
U.S. executive power waxed under the presidency of George W. Bush then waned during the first five years of the Obama administration. Now the subject is back, on issues such as the war against Islamic State, immigration reform and diplomatic relations with Cuba.
Japan Times
Dec 22, 2014
Jihadists lose religious credibility
The horrific massacre of 132 boys at their school in Peshawar, Pakistan, embodies a new trend in Islamist terrorism that has emerged this year: Jihadis seem unconcernd with justifying their actions by Shariah law.
Japan Times
Dec 15, 2014
Why CIA torturers won't be punished
U.S. Department of Justice memos gave CIA a free pass to torture without being punished. Serious crimes were committed, but interrogators will go unpunished.
May 30, 2014
The Palestinian city that Pope Francis missed
For a glimpse of optimism amid the deadlocked Mideast peace negotiations, Pope Francis should have visited the emerging Palestinian city of Rawabi, intended to house light industry, high-tech firms and as many as 30,000 residents.
May 9, 2014
Supremes answer town's prayers
The upshot of the May 5 U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold prayer before a town council meeting is that as long as no one is coerced, nonsectarian prayer is a political virtue but not a constitutional requirement.
May 5, 2014
Phones may not have the right to remain silent
The U.S. Supreme Court has just heard arguments over whether police should be allowed to search a person's smartphone without a warrant to find evidence relevant to the crime for which he or she is being arrested.
Apr 29, 2014
Why Hamas joining Fatah is good for Mideast peace
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's personal investment in the Mideast peace process exerts enough leverage to make the Israelis and Palestinians pretend to talk — but not enough to make them agree to something they otherwise don't really want. The Fatah-Hamas rapprochement may be a good thing.
Feb 16, 2014
White House mulls drone strikes to kill a citizen
In the latest manifestation of the weird war on terror, White House officials say they are considering whether to use drone strikes to kill an unnamed American in Pakistan.
Jan 21, 2014
Obama's still spying on you, no matter what he says
If you're worried that the government has already collected enough phone-call metadata to map out the details of your life at the click of a button, then President Barack Obama's much-hyped speech recently on intelligence gathering will probably do little to allay your concerns.
Dec 22, 2013
2013 Mideast twists give lessons in democracy
The news that Tunisia's competing political factions have broken months of logjam and appointed a technocrat as interim prime minister sets the stage for a yearend review of the events that have followed the Arab Spring.
Dec 20, 2013
Ruling a fitting end to Snowden's year
However fleeting a U.S. district court's order against NSA's collection of phone-call metadata turns out to be, it provides a perfect opportunity to ask what we've learned about secrecy and government in this year of Edward Snowden.
Oct 29, 2013
Blame liberals for illegal drone war
Critics of the George W. Bush administration didn't realize that condemning quasi-lawless detention at Guantanamo Bay would lead a Democratic president to break new ground with drones.
Oct 21, 2013
For the GOP to survive, the tea party must die
Tea party supporters think they are fighting for America's Republican soul. If they win, they will drive the party so far from the middle that a GOP president will become unimaginable.


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