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What is special about the site's redesign?

Our redesigned site launched in early 2013.  We chose to adopt a responsive web design approach. Responsive design aims for accessibility across a large number of devices and screen dimensions. The same content can be seen on different devices and there's no need to download a mobile application or a special reader.

It means you only need to use your web browser to enjoy our content. No need to download an application. Our site layout adapts to your context and device. It also means you should be able to easily switch in and out of your favorite social media sites.

So I can view it on any browser?

Almost any modern browser. Unfortunately, we do not support older browsers such as IE6 and IE7. We highly recommend that you upgrade your browser to enjoy the optimal experience. If you use IE8, please make sure not to use "Compatibility View."

Why is the font used by the Japan Times website hard to read on my computer?

It should look fine on most modern browsers and computers but if you are on an older Windows computer, it might look jagged.  To improve the readability of our fonts on Windows, try this.

  1.  Go to Control Panel > Fonts > Adjust ClearType text
  2.  Turn on ClearType

Will The Japan Times be moderating comments?

Yes. Please read our commenting policy for more details.

Can I comment on ALL stories?

All recent stories, yes. However, comments are closed on stories a few month after publication. If you would like to comment on an older story, please drop use a line.

[Note: As Feb. 22, 2021, only subscribers may comment on stories.]

Something wrong? Found a bug. What should I do?

Tell us about it, please.


Historically, kabuki was considered the entertainment of the merchant and peasant classes, a far cry from how it is regarded today.
For Japan's oldest kabuki theater, the show must go on