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Crowdfunding crowd pleasers

Digital | ON: TECH Nov 18, 2018

Crowdfunding crowd pleasers

by Chiho Komoriya

In the past, crowdfunding sites were primarily platforms for startups and individuals short of development funds. Now larger companies are seeing the benefits of allowing consumers to participate in the research and development of new products. Here are a couple of crowdfunded ideas that ...

Rikako Ikee rewrites national 100-meter freestyle record

More Sports / Swimming Nov 18, 2018

Rikako Ikee rewrites national 100-meter freestyle record

Teenage sensation Rikako Ikee slashed 0.24 second from her national record in the women's 100-meter freestyle on Sunday at the Kosuke Kitajima Cup. The 18-year-old Ikee clocked 52.79 seconds on the final day of the two-day meet at Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center. She set ...

Sumo 101: <em>Oyakata</em> (stablemasters)

Sumo Nov 18, 2018

Sumo 101: Oyakata (stablemasters)

by John Gunning

Sumo is not a team sport, but neither is it an individual one. While wrestlers face opponents alone in the ring, their everyday existence is intertwined with others to a far greater degree than any other athlete. The closest relationship is with the oyakata (stablemaster). Unlike athletes ...

Takakeisho in first place after victory

Sumo / Basho Reports Nov 18, 2018

Takakeisho in first place after victory

Takakeisho improved to 7-1 to take over sole possession of the lead at the midway point of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday in Fukuoka. The 22-year-old komusubi, who entered the day in a three-way tie for the lead at 6-1, didn't have time ...