Actor Yosuke Kubozuka’s fall Sunday from the balcony of his ninth-floor condominium in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, was an accident caused by carelessness, according to his management agency.

Infini Inc. released a statement Monday saying the 25-year-old Kubozuka was trying to detach a balcony device to hold cloth carp streamers when he fell “due to carelessness.”

The actor is conscious but has broken some bones and needs to remain in the hospital while he recuperates, the agency said, adding that it apologizes for causing such a commotion.

Shortly after midday Sunday, Kubozuka fell about 26 meters from the balcony, hit a wire mesh fence and then landed on a lawn. He was taken to a nearby hospital.

Police said that much of the impact shock was apparently absorbed by the 2-meter-tall fence, located about 9 meters from the condominium building.

The fall prompted speculation that the actor had tried to kill himself.