• Kyodo


Kansai Electric Power Co. said Monday its employees falsified inspection data on the firm’s power facilities for Kansai International Airport.

Employees of the Kansai International Airport Energy Center fabricated data on gas compressors for power generation to clear annual mandatory checkups for three years beginning in 2001, Kepco said.

Kepco board member Masumi Fujii told a news conference the utility firm reported to the government that it had inspected all the facilities, even though it skipped inspections on some.

Fujii said the employees deliberately neglected the checkups because full compliance with the regulations was considered too troublesome.

Fujii said that although the chief of the center suspected something was wrong, he chose to ignore it.

The employees also falsified data on the vibration levels of the compressors to create the impression they met Kepco’s in-house standards.